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At The Epoxy Factory, we are experts in floor installation and restoration for high-end residential locations. We service customers throughout Boynton Beach. We pride ourselves on providing quality, reliable, timely and cost-competitive floor and countertop care services that our customers can trust.

Our flooring technicians are trained with the best techniques in the industry, and thanks to their expertise, we can provide you with complete restoration, repairs or new installations efficiently using the latest tools as well as innovative methods that get the job done on time and with guaranteed service.

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What is Epoxy Resin and
what is it used for?

Epoxy floors are floor coverings. They have equal or greater mechanical resistance than concrete and form a continuous film that insulates and protects it from chemical attacks. They offer protection against chemicals, corrosive substances, grease, oils and fats, and are easy to clean.

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Many creative possibilities

Epoxy floors offer many creative possibilities for a variety of finishes; for example, epoxy pigments can be applied to add color and potential beauty and shine to the floor. In addition, epoxy floors in boynton beach can be designed according to patterns or models with an aesthetic or functional purpose


By applying epoxy you create floors of high resistance and durability that, when professionally applied, can last up to a decade without losing their qualities or resistance.

Visual appearance

Epoxy floors are resistant to scratches; and should they suffer any type of damage, they can be repaired by applying resin at the site of the damage; achieving again a perfect uniformity in the surface.

Competitive pricing

The price of epoxy resin flooring remains one of the greatest benefits this liquid porcelain tile offers over other types of flooring. Not only are these floors high traffic and aseptic, but they also provide bright, smooth and beautiful aesthetic qualities.

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What our customers say

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I am very satisfied with the service. The gutters looks very nice, the color was customized to match my roof. Professional and friendly workers. I highly recommend this company. Prices are fair and affordable.
Sonia Canelo

They came in for an estimate on a Monday for rain gutters , they were ready to rock and roll by Thursday. We spoke of what we wanted and they executed to perfection. I wanted the copper look but it was way out of my ball park. They gave alternatives such as the aluminum gutters with the copper look. It came out very nice 🙂 I am very happy with it.

Delsina Trigoura

Had an emergency call from the FDOT about a gutter repair on a bridge. Amazing job done by this guys. Outstanding work ethic and upfront to what it needs to get done.

Sebastian Lozano Perdomo

We needed a gutter repair and new install. These guys were professional and responsive. They came out the same day for an estimate. We appreciate the attention to detail and fair pricing they provided.

Kristin Martins

The Gutters factory team was fast clean and friendly. I called on a Thursday and they were here on Monday and done in 1.5 hrs, for full installation, great service!

Wanda Catalan

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